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We understand that the primary concern of both parents and daycare centers is the safety of the children. That's why we’ve made it ours as well, by implementing several levels of website/webcam security.

Step 1 - Every image that is captured at the daycare facility is encrypted before being sent to our main servers.

Step 2 - All new parents who would like to use the KidCamConnect webcam service must be approved by both the daycare provider and KidCamConnect administration before accounts will be activated.

Step 3 - Every user has a unique username and password. That allows us to track who is logging into our website, what they are viewing and for how long they are viewing. All irregular viewing patterns are brought to our attention by our 24/7 monitoring system.

Step 4 - Users are logged out automatically every 30 minutes to ensure that when you step away from your computer, other can't continue viewing without logging back in.

Step 5 - Both log in features and payment procedures are secured with 256-bit SSL technology, to insure that your personal information remains personal.

Step 6 - User are only allowed access to the webcams relevant to their child's location, as set by the daycare provider. In addition, viewing hours are limited only to the times the user’s child is at the facility.

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