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Welcome to KidCamConnect.com, where peace of mind and online security come together. If you're a parent, the safety and well being of your child is one of your biggest concerns. As a childcare provider, your job is to reassure parents that their children are being cared for in a professional, nurturing manner.

The advanced technology from KidCamConnect.com helps both parents and daycare providers meet those important needs. And we do so in a secure and cost-effective manner, at NO COST to the daycare provider. Parents pay a low, monthly fee.

The secure webcams from KidCamConnect.com keep parents connected from any location. Just log onto our secure website using your unique username and password (approved by both the daycare and KidCamConnect.com administration), and view your children learning, playing and interacting with other children and staff. There's no better way to stay connected.

As a daycare provider, you have the power to authorize new parents, select the webcams they are able to view, and the hours they are allowed to view those cameras. The control is in your hands.

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